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The Omniverse logo. A circle eclipses a triangle. The word "Omniverse" appears beside it, "Omni" atop "verse".


"The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program" logo. It's styled in two fonts, stacked like a book title. "The" appears small in a sans serif font. "Call of Cthulhu is written below that in an older-looking serifed font. Below that is a dividing line, tipped with inverse points. Below the line, "Mystery Program" is written in the sans serif font.
The logo for "K8 Was Here". The slanted angles in the "K" make the points of a left-facing arrow. The arrow is extending from the "8" which is styled as an infinity emoji turned on its side. "Was" is stacked atop "Here" and both words are in a sketcky paint style.
The "Lightning Dogs" logo. An emblem reminiscent of both a car hood emblem and a military patch of an angular right-facing dog head, flanked by lightning bolts. Below reads "Lightning Dogs" in an angular font.
The logo of “MOTHER,” She Wrote. Angular, stylized text reads: "MOTHER" with an illustration of a flying saucer over a heart inside of the "O". "She Wrote" is in a handwritten font. Below that is a thin line and then "An EarthBound Podcast".
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