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Omniverse productions are recorded and produced in Central Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky on lands stolen from their Indigenous people:
The Timucua, Seminole, Yuchi, Chickasaw, Shawnee, Cherokee
, Osage, Seneca-Iroquois, Miami, Hopewell, and Adena.

Acknowledgement of the first peoples of these lands and the lasting repercussions of colonization is just the beginning of restorative work towards Indigenous people.

Through awareness, we can prompt allyship, action, and ultimately: decolonization.

To learn more about the First Nations of the land where you live visit:


Read about Land Back - a movement to return land to and empower Indigenous peoples.

For more information, check out the Land Reparations and Indigenous Solidarity Action Guide
and Black Hills Justice.

And to offer direct mutual aid to Indigenous people in need, check out the hashtag #SettlerSaturday on social media.


If you're able, please donate to Indigenous-led organizations and causes.


First Nations Development Institute

A nonprofit supporting and empowering Indigenous communities through investment, technical
assistance, training, and advocacy.

Native American Rights Fund

A nonprofit organization providing legal assistance to assert and defend the rights of Indigenous people, including tribal sovereignty, voting rights, education, religious freedom, and natural resource protection.

Association on American Indian Affairs

A nonprofit organization working towards a world in which diverse Indigenous cultures and values are lived, protected, and respected - through education, cultural preservation, and the protection of Indigenous sovereignty.


A campaign for the return of Indigenous Lands to Indigenous hands, and the reclamation of Indigenous language, ceremony, food, education, housing, healthcare, and governance.

Queer the Land

A collaborative project grounded in the self-determination of queer, trans, and two spirit Black/ Indigenous/ people of color (QT2BIPOC) and the vision of collectively owned land and labor. Queer the Land centers the needs and nurtures the dreams of QT2BIPOC.



National Indian Child Welfare Association

A nonprofit organization supporting the health, safety, and spiritual strength of Indigenous children - protecting them from abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, and keeping them connected to their families, communities, and culture.

National Indigenous Women's Resource Center

An Indigenous-led nonprofit organization dedicated to ending violence against women and children. The NIWRC uplifts the voices of grassroots advocates to prioritize the safety of Indigenous women and their children, strengthen tribal sovereignty, and to uphold the sacred status and integrity of women.

Urban Native Youth Association

Providing advocacy and support services to Indigenous youth in urban settings; amplifying and celebrating their voices.


American Indian College Fund

A charity providing financial support to Indigenous students, investing in tribal college education and programs for institutional growth, sustainability, and cultural preservation.

AISES: Advancing Indigenous People in STEM

A national nonprofit organization focused on increasing the representation of Indigenous peoples in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies and careers, empowering them to be successful, respected, and influential in the global community.

Sensitivity Reader: Basil Wright for Salt & Sage Books

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